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Seventh Sense Solo Exhibition

Epperson Gallery | Feb. 10 - Apr. 2, 2023

I see colors in numbers.  This series of paintings was inspired by my synesthesia, a perceptual condition in which one or more sensory pathways are involuntarily crossed.  It’s most acute with my sight and taste.  Seeing colors in numbers evoked memories and events during specific decades of my life and informed the formal aspects of each painting’s composition.


Content often drives formal explorations in my work.  Division of the picture plane and definition of the paintings’ edges reflect my personality and the relationship between colors and their respective numbers.  These areas are where more energetic and spontaneous application of paint and textures occur.  My paintings begin with intuitive drawings and finish with a meditative covering, leaving areas to reveal traces of those early layers, like memories.  I approach everything I create like a drawing.  It’s the most natural way to express my thoughts and feelings.  My work is an abstract interpretation of my life depicted through the use of personally meaningful colors, shapes and lines.

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